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Object NamePin
Dateca. 1960-1990
DescriptionRound pin button; black with a pink peace sign; pin on reverse.
(Keywords: Peace Symbol, Twentieth Century)
AcquisitionMuseum Purchase
Ownership and HistoryThis twentieth-century pin button was acquired by Staten Island Historical Society curators in 2003 as part of an exploration of patriotic icons. The objective was to compare the surge of patriotic imagery that emerged in popular culture after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 with American symbols of earlier decades and centuries.

Originally associated with anti-nuclear, anti-war, and counterculture activists in the United States and elsewhere, the peace sign gradually evolved to express a more mainstream wish for world peace. It was widely adopted in 1970s fashion and merchandising.

The straight lines inside the circle of the peace sign are a combination of the semaphore signals for N and D, which stand for nuclear disarmament. But many interpretations of the symbol, both positive and negative, have been put forth by different individuals and groups over the years, a testament to the multiplicity of viewpoints.
Earliest Date1960
Latest Date1990
SubjectsPeace signs
Lexicon Sub-categoryPersonal Symbol
Catalog Number03.025.0001
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